QE Academy 2022

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Launch your IT career as a Quality engineer in just 6 months. The road of technology is one bumped with bugs - that's why we need skilled Quality Engineers to get rid of them. And that’s exactly what we’ll train you for during our Quality Engineer Academy: a 6-month traineeship that sets you up for a full time job in one of our software teams. 




What you’ll learn

Our academy provides cross-training on the core skills needed to perform modern software quality assurance and test automation. 

With over a decade of experience in building the most complex digital products, you’ll be surrounded and supported by a team of experts. While you work on some of the most impactful digital products, you’ll receive the right onboarding, training to grow in your QE role.

Who we’re looking for

You are passionate about all things digital. As a Quality Engineer, you have a keen eye for detail and and have the ability to keep the overview of a project at all times. We don’t expect previous experience or a specific degree, only a trembling motivation to learn and grow.

After the academy

After a 6 month deep-dive you’re ready to become a fulltime contributor in one of our software teams and stay for the long run. You’ll be able to think like a quality engineer, test software and fix bugs. And all of this for international clients like KBC, ProLeague, Barco and many others

Learning doesn’t stop after 6 months. Once you join us as a full time colleague, you’ll keep upgrading your game through external conferences, lunch talks and soft skills sessions.




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