Digital strategy:
User-driven, business-driven or insights-driven?

Mindspace Amsterdam
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4 December, 2023

What can
you expect?

How can you ensure that you're pushing the right buttons to drive the growth and success of your product, service, or even your entire business?
Strategic decisions are crucial, and the key to making them successful often lies right before your eyes: understanding and catering to your users' needs.

Join us for an evening filled with inspiring talks on enhancing your products and charting a course toward a brighter future.


Discover what this evening has in store for you.



Welcome to In The Pocket Amsterdam

Bringing your user
into the boardroom

by Frederik De Bosschere

In a world where every company claims to be user-centric, surprisingly few companies actually listen to their customers.

Do you wonder if your innovations truly stem from customer insights? Are you validating your ideas with your target audience? And do you question your chosen metrics and methodologies and if they lead to real success?

In this talk, we call out companies that are customer-centric in name only and share tips on how you can make a difference by truly introducing your
users into the boardroom.


We need to talk about your
business decisions

by Sebastiaan Van den Branden

Although crucial for the success of your business strategy, key decisions are often not made by using actual market or customer data. And guess what? They should.

Join us as we delve into the art of validating your assumptions and minimising early investment risks. Discover how to enable all of your teams with the ability to make well-informed, tactical decisions based on business insights.

In the digital economy, the business perspective is just as crucial as the customer and technology viewpoints. Join this talk to shed light on harnessing the power of data to drive success.


The intelligent organisation

with Barbara de Koning Gans (VodafoneZiggo)

This conversation bridges the worlds of data-driven decision-making and customer-centric strategies. The main question for our guest: “How insights-driven is your organisation really?

Do you bring in the voice of the customer when shaping new products or even when you need to make strategic decisions? Do you use business insights when planning your strategy? And how do you empower all teams to make business-informed decisions?

And while we're talking about intelligent organizations: how ready is your company for artificial intelligence? 


Networking with bites & beverages

Ready to double down on your digital strategy?

Join us on December 4th at In The Pocket Amsterdam to learn how to shape and execute a solid digital business strategy.

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