Data isn't something
you should be sitting on.

Roll out a data strategy that drives user & business value.

Data isn’t something you should be sitting on. Start with a solid data architecture and a clear roadmap to turn your data into your company’s biggest asset.

Do these challenges
sound familiar?

Data silos complicate team collaborations
and business operations

You’re missing a single source of reliable client, product, supply chain and other data

A non-transparent data architecture puts your data security and compliance on the line

Underutilised data potential affects your customer experience negatively

Data Strategy Track

In just 3 sessions, we’ll pave the way to a compelling data strategy.

Mapping User Needs

WORKSHOP 1 - 0,5 Day
First things first: let’s understand the target audience of data-driven use cases and their needs.

Solution Ideation

WORKSHOP 2 - 0,5 Day

Refine and prioritise ideas from a user and business perspective. From a technical perspective, we define the data & ML algorithm requirements.

Solution outline

WORKSHOP 3 - 0,5 Day
Fine-tune selected data-driven use cases.


  • Defined data challenge: Which problem will we solve? For whom?
  • Clearly defined target audience


  • Prioritised set of data-driven solution ideas
  • Defined data and Data & ML algorithm requirements


  • Detailed solution outline of data use case
  • Roadmap to capitalise on the identified opportunities

What's next?

Want to take it even further? We're here to help with:

  • Setting up a first iteration of your data model
  • Creating and validating a data prototype
  • Validating a solution with end users
  • Providing estimates of the cost
    to build your solution

Data Value Canvas

Want to identify and structure your data opportunities? Our data value canvas is a great tool to support
your data strategy.

Download here!

Webinar: Leveraging your data

You’ve identified a ‘killer use case’ for your dataset. Great. But how do you ensure translating this idea to a user friendly solution?

Subscribe to our webinar on March 2 and learn all about how data, the user and automated processes can result in a great user experience.