As known, In The Pocket aspires to be a place where talent thrives and people grow. And we’ve just added a new initiative to contribute to that growth. Project Cyrus aims to discover and unleash your full leadership capabilities.
Sounds like something for you?

Let’s walk you through the details.

Unleash your leadership potential

With Cyrus, we want to offer you an action-based program to dive deeper into 4 essential pillars of leadership. In a 10-month course, we want to push you to go above and beyond your job-specific responsibilities and boost your leadership skills.

Not only to increase your impact on ITP, but also on our community and the broader industry.

What can you expect?

Cyrus aims to grow your leadership capabilities. But what’s that all about? 

  • You will be given a peek behind the screens and learn beyond the scope of your role
  • You will be provided with the most important internal and external skills, knowledge & coaching
  • You will be able to work across domains & teams
  • You will learn how to address broader strategic challenges
  • You will maximize your potential and impact and grow your skillset

The main ambition is to accelerate your personal growth at In The Pocket. We are not expecting you to take up a specific role afterwards. It’s all about growing yourself, your career and your impact.

Learning track

Unleashing your full leadership potential takes time. Cyrus runs over a course of 10 months and is split up into 4 modules.

Under the wings of different coaches, we will guide you to grow your leadership skills and increase your impact at In The Pocket.

Lead the way

Bart Schroyen
Focus on leadership
& communication.

Know your numbers

Lien Debuck
Deep dive into financials, data analysis & decision making.

From good to great

Frederik De Bosschere
Learn the ins & outs of strategy
& innovation.

Make it happen

Maarten Kerkhofs
Hannes Van de Velde
Put your knowledge into practice
by working out a case

Learning method

You will spend about half a day a week at this academy during these 10 months. Expect a healthy mix of internal and external learning tracks, one-on-one coaching, on-the-job learning, a bit of self-study and putting your knowledge into practice. At the end of our learning tracks, you’ll bring everything together in one strategic case.

Meet your

For who ?

Every employee at In The Pocket can apply for Project Cyrus, except the leadership team. We offer this growing opportunity to everyone that doesn’t come across these leadership pillars within the scope of their role.

Don’t let a limited working experience bother you. Junior profiles are more than welcome to apply. In the end, we’ll select 1-3 candidates for our first edition of Cyrus.

Who we are

Yes, we’re behind our computers a lot of the time, but we’re real people too! We don’t bite. 
Honestly, the people at In The Pocket are - besides extremely talented - a lively bunch to work, talk, eat and sleep with (scratch that last one). We can’t introduce you to each and everyone of them, but why don’t you take a peek behind the screen of some of our colleagues?

Knowledge sharing

It’s interesting to know your dogs name, sure. But we’d like to learn more from our colleagues. Everyone has his own skillset & talents, and we like to share it as much as possible within our company. Learning from each other is what makes our products better & better.

We even take it outdoors with Shift: our annual conference about the next big shifts in digital. Made, written, presented and curated by our own in-house experts, we shine our light on the next impactful changes in the digital realm. It’s knowledge sharing on steroids.

Take a look at our events

The fun stuff

Work, work, work, work, Rihanna once said. We believe at least one ‘work’ should be replaced with ‘fun’. Working is one thing, but we want you to feel comfortable and able to relax as well. Lucky for you we have an amazing team that keeps our company culture alive and provides you with a regular shot of dopamine by organising activities, a casual Friday drink, gamenights and many other exciting stuff.


Ready to boost your leadership skills at In The Pocket? Show your interest before
May 14th by applying below. 

Afterwards, you’ll receive an invitation to have a chat with our coaches about your motivations and ambitions to join the track. For our first edition, we’ll select 1-3 candidates to follow the Cyrus program. The final candidates will be chosen by May 31st.

Cyrus will run from June 2022 until March 2023.  Don’t worry if you didn’t make the cut. Next year you’ll get another shot!

Good luck!