After Ghent and Leuven, we’re setting foot in another digital hotspot. As we continue on our path of growth, we can’t wait to meet new digital talent. And, of course, we are eager to open up our doors for new partners who are serious about their digital future.

New stellar

To build better products for bigger futures, we need the best people. Our new studio in Antwerp screams to be inhabited by promising potential. With a new base in one of Belgium’s most lively cities,
we can’t wait to meet new people and build out our network.

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“Every colleague chooses where they work and gets the chance to create a personal blend of home and office work. But we feel that an inspiring office setting stays important for many people.”
Jeroen Lemaire / CEO

A new hub

Our Antwerp studio brings us closer to our clients there. And it’s the perfect hub to say hello to our Dutch friends. So yes, we’re extremely excited to leave our mark in Antwerp and surrounding areas. For now we’re keeping the exact location
still secret but believe us when we say it will blow you away.

The only thing
missing is you.

We are looking for over 20 great people to join our Antwerp team. From developers to strategists, designers & beyond, please get in touch to get the conversation started.

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